Children in the Analogue and Digital Sphere

TU Dresden | Semester overlapping Children in the Analogue and Digital Sphere 2024

Empowerment and Protection

Welcome ! 


This seminar "Children in the Analogue and Digital Sphere" is a virtual international collaboration with the University of Coimbra in Portugal. 

It will therefore take place online only (on the platform zoom). Both students from Dresden and students from Coimbra will present their findings from different perspectives. All seminar papers have to be written in English language, so that they are accessible for everybody. Papers will have to be handed in before the presentations and read in preparation for the seminar.

We will be looking at the position of children in the data and platform economy. Children are a particularly vulnerable group. However, they also have rights to make use of (digital) opportunities and participate online. Relevant norms include Data Protection Law, especially the GDPR, and the Digital Services Act.



Topics visible on OPAL: 18.03.2024

Choice of Topics (online): Until 22.03.2024 (first come, first serve)

Submission of the paper: 22.05.2024

Seminar presentations: Maximum three afternoons in June (6, 13, 27), online only 


The paper should not exceed 15-20 pages (not included are cover sheet, table of contents, bibliography etc.), with margins (margin right 7 cm, margin left 2 cm, margin top/bottom 2 cm), font Times New Roman (12 point) or Arial (11.5 point), 1.5 lines, normal running width. With regard to the structure (table of contents, bibliography), citations and other formalities, please follow the guidelines for the Master's thesis.

The presentations of about 10- 15 minutes will take place in June (online). The schedule will be finalized after registration of all participants and then shared with you. The use of ppt-slides to support your presentation is recommended. The presentation should introduce the topic and include the main results.

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