Applied Joint Communications and Sensing (Applied JCAS)

TU Dresden | Semester overlapping Applied Joint Communications and Sensing (Applied JCAS)

The module starts with a brief overview of key concepts in communications and sensing technologies, as covered in the related course "JCAS for 6G networks." It then progresses to examine the practical applications of these concepts, including scenarios involving vehicular communication.

Following this, it conducts a thorough analysis of JCAS classical and adaptive waveforms. In the realm of adaptive waveform design, it explores the utilization of prior knowledge acquired from previous environmental scans, enabling the JCAS system to enhance its performance beyond what is achievable with classical methods.

Moreover, it delves into the application of AI in JCAS, investigating both the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating Deep Learning into sensing and communications networks. Finally, it integrates stochastic geometry concepts to analyze use cases from a network-level perspective, seeking solutions for network hotspots by optimizing the positions of RIS and JCAS gNBs within the 6G network to ensure a seamless data flow.

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