Synthesis and Physical Properties of Quantum Materials SS24

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TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2024 Synthesis and Physical Properties of Quantum Materials SS24

Summer Semester 2024

This course will be run in hybrid mode.  Students can be physically present in REC/D16 (this is easiest for me) or can follow along online in BigBlueButton. 

Lecture slides will be posted after the lectures, but I strongly recommend attending the lectures either in person or virtually, because the explanations will often not be present in the slides.

This course will provide an overview of the synthesis and most common physical properties measurements on quantum materials — materials in which quantum mechanics is essential for understanding the low-temperature electronic/magnetic ground state.  The course is offered in English.

This course will focus on the synthesis, crystal growth, and crystal chemical aspects of modern quantum materials (e.g. 2D materials, unconventional superconductors, topological materials, frustrated magnets). Topics will include: solid-state reactions, crystallization from the liquid and gas phases, and the structure and properties of perovskites, pyrochlores, and other materials of current interest. An overview will be provided of the most common physical properties used to characterize quantum materials. Relationships between the structure and the physical properties will be highlighted.

The topics and examples to be covered will be tailored to the interests of the students taking the course, and student participation is encouraged (e.g. short presentations on materials of interest to the student). 

Since the course covers a broad overview of both sample growth and measurement, no single book is recommended. Review articles or books will be suggested for different parts of the course.

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