SUUUpoRT - Microeconomics

Professor of the Department of Economics and Competition Policy | Semester overlapping SUUUpoRT - Microeconomics

SUUUpoRT - Microeconomics

Through: Sc. Dr. Anzhelika Gerasymenko,  State University of Trade and Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine


Students are enabled to understand that Microeconomics is a part of Economics, which studies a behaviour and mechanisms of decision-making by economic actors (individuals, households, business entities) who tend to meet their objectives in the context of natural scarcity.

Students become aware that of particular relevance in developing utility theory and demand theory that reveals the fundamentals of consumer behaviour. The next step is to study the ways of firms’ operating in markets of perfect and imperfect competition. Resource markets are studied in details through the examples of labour market, capital market, land market and information market. The course is finalised with analysis of the concept of general equilibrium and market failures, the ways of the coping with latter



 Mastering Marginal Analysis: Gain the tools and master skills of marginal analysis of microeconomic processes and phenomena

 Market Mechanism Understanding: Knowledge of the ways of demand and supply balancing and the forces to stimulate and /or block the latter

 Rational Microeconomic Decisions: Master the benefit (utility, profit, etc.) optimization approaches to develop the rational decisions of microeconomic actors under existing restraints

 Strategies under Perfect and Imperfect Competition: Develop competitive price and non-price strategies under perfect and imperfect (monopoly, monopolistic competition, oligopoly) competition in product and resource markets

 Market Failures Regulation: Understanding the nature and sources of market failures, best practises of their state regulation.

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