Schlingel: International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences

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TU Chemnitz | Sommersemester 2024 Schlingel: International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences

Schlingel: International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences

Modul LAGS BM3.1 Anglistische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft

S SCHLINGEL: International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences

SELAEn6, StGenSS KEIN Erasmus                                                          (271432-206)

Wednesday, 9:15-10:4500, 2/W065 (C25.065)         First meeting: 03.04.2024



Storytelling is an ancient form of entertainment and education – from the epics by the Greek poet Homer, the medieval sagas of gods and heroes to orally transmitted folk tales in a broad range of countries. For more than 100 years cinema has been the continuation of this tradition – on celluloid. Therefore, an educational program for children and young adults does not only include the studying of texts, but also films. Since 1996, the International Film Festival "SCHLINGEL" has provided a great forum for this task. It offers young viewers the opportunity to watch international, often independent films that would otherwise be unknown to a German audience. The films, whose heroes are primarily children and young adults, tell exciting stories and convey profound messages that are both universal, and conversely, culturally specific. More than 160 films from a broad range of countries will be screened during the festival week. In addition, international guests (e.g. film directors, young actors) as well as international juries will be present throughout the festival.


In this seminar, students will first be provided with theoretical texts related to children’s films as well as hands-on material with regard to film analysis techniques that will help them to deepen their understanding of films and support them in the creation of educational material for children. Secondly, students of this seminar will learn how to translate the subtitles of a film and be introduced to tasks that are required for the active participation in the film festival. Since the Chair of English Literatures cooperates with the "SCHLINGEL" Film Festival, students of this seminar will be requested to participate actively in support of the festival (25/09 – 03/10/24).

Requirements for credit

Active participation in every session of the class is expected. A presentation (partner or group work) is also expected as part of the general course work. A long and short film description as well as a pedagogical materials hand-out or, alternatively, a film subtitle translation is required for the course exam (SELAEn6 and other participants). Ideally, students participate in actively in the SCHLINGEL Film Festival.

Set Texts/Required Reading

A reader with seminal material will be made available in the OPAL.


Please register for this course on OPAL by 28 March.

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