Economics of Climate Change and Sustainable Finance

TU Chemnitz | Sommersemester 2024 Economics of Climate Change and Sustainable Finance

This course, "Economics of Climate Change and Sustainable Finance," is designed to deepen students' understanding of how green and sustainable finance principles are fundamental in confronting climate change risks to the real economy, influencing monetary policies, and ensuring financial stability. It emphasizes the transformative role of central banks in the climate transition, spotlighting their pivotal actions in addressing transition risks and steering the financial system toward a sustainable future.

The initial lectures lay the groundwork by introducing green and sustainable finance, underscoring its indispensable role in driving the global economy's shift to low-carbon alternatives. As the course progresses, a significant focus is placed on the proactive measures and policies central banks and financial regulators are adopting to mitigate the financial risks posed by climate change. This includes an in-depth analysis of how central banks become instrumental in the climate transition by developing innovative financial instruments and regulatory frameworks to enhance the financial system's resilience against climate-related risks.

By exploring potential policy interventions and strategies, the course aims to equip students with a nuanced understanding of central banks' multifaceted role in facilitating sustainable economic growth and stability in the face of climate adversity. Upon completion, participants are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of the critical interplay between the financial sector and climate change, appreciating the central banks' dynamic role and recognizing the vital contribution of green finance to achieving long-term sustainability and economic robustness.

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