Introduction to Queer Culture in India (Seminar Dr. Sachin Labade SoSe 2024)

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2024 Introduction to Queer Culture in India (Seminar Dr. Sachin Labade SoSe 2024)

The proposed block seminar navigates the multifaceted landscape of perceptions surrounding homosexuality in the country. Delving into contrasting views that oscillate between deeming homosexuality a Western import and celebrating a purported glorious past, the seminar aims to strike a delicate balance. It begins by problematizing the terminology of Queer, favoring terms like 'same-sex love/desire' over identity-based labels, and explores how Queer Activism in India drew from mythology and history in the face of a prevalent homophobic discourse. The impact of British colonialism, especially through Section 377, is scrutinized, challenging notions of homosexuality as a foreign influence. Subsequent sessions journey through the Mughal period's literary and cultural practices, critically examining influences of Christian/Victorian morals on indigenous sexuality. The seminar then traverses literary and cinematic realms, analyzing works like "Lihaaf" and contributions by contemporary writers, while investigating the role of Indian cinema in shaping perceptions of homosexuality. It also sheds light on the significant influence of the Indian diaspora on contemporary queer culture, followed by discussions on the intersection of HIV-AIDS, Section 377, and media discourse in Post-Independence India. Finally, the seminar concludes with an exploration of the 'Out in Public' phase, focusing on the visibility and audibility of the Queer movement through queer film festivals and Pride Marches, notably the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival and Queer Azadi Mumbai Pride March. This comprehensive journey aims to provide participants with a nuanced understanding of the complexities surrounding Queer Culture in India.


Blockseminar Juli 2024

Details: 12.07.2024, 13:00-16:20 Uhr, weitere Termine vom 22.-26. Juli 2024

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