212000-411/412 Oberseminar - Advanced Functional Materials - SoSe 2024

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TU Chemnitz | Semester overlapping 212000-411/412 Oberseminar - Advanced Functional Materials - SoSe 2024

The Oberseminar for AFM Master students (physics specialization) focuses on physics-related aspects in the design, fabrication, characterization, integration and application of advanced functional materials. 

In the summer term 2024 we will focus on the basic physical concepts which enable materials and material combinations to contribute to the context of sustainability and eco-friendliness of technological solutions. From such starting point we then discuss the fundamentals of materials science issues, which enable or impede specific material functionalities. Each presentation will be centered around the origin of a specific material property, the specific physical laws governing the resulting functionality and the concepts of transferring in into application.

Enrolment for this OPAL course is open until April 17 and is necessary for the organisatorial matters of the seminar.

You also need to register for the exam (I_M_AM-0001) via the examination office or via the SB service in order to obtain the protocol sheet for your exam. Please do that registration during the first weeks of April. Seminar tasks and dates can only be given to participants with a valid protocol sheet for the above exam, i.e. after proper enrolment at the SB Service or at the ZPA.

The seminar is scheduled for Wednesdays, 07:30h - 09:00h and starts on April, 3rd, 2024. The first three seminar sessions on April 3rd, 10th, 17th will be in video format:


During these first three sessions (April 3rd - 17th) we familiarize ourselves with the goals and the basics of fruitful seminar work and the preparation of seminar presentations. We discuss the overarching topics of interest and form topical groups of participants. We will address also technical aspects such as searching for complementary literature in the preparation phase and on structuring the 20 minute presentation with the help of the university's presentation template. 

From May 15th on we will start with the oral presentations; all details will be clarified in the first three sessions from April 3rd to April 17th. The oral presentations are planned to take place in C24.316.1 (2/D316A). Please note that room changes may be announced by e-mail at short notice if the projection equipment does not work reliably. As the topics are related and build on each other, fruitful seminar work requires the attendence of all seminar dates. 

From April 23rd on we offer consultation sessions on the fundamentals for topical groups whose presentation dates are three weeks ahead and regarding details of those presentations that are one week ahead. That provides you with two weeks to work out your presentations between the two consultation dates, and then you have one week to finalize and practice. Participation in those consultations is not required, but strongly recommended. 

Consultation is in room C60.302.2 (2/P302B) on Tuesdays

- at 17:15 for the fundamentals three weeks prior to the presentation

- at 18:00 for the details one week prior to the presentation

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