TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2024 Two-dimensional nanomaterials (2024)

Summer semester 2023

Course language                   English (German if required)

Lecturer                                 Chernikov, Alexey

Phone                                    463-36439

Email                                     alexey.chernikov@tu-dresden.de

The course introduces the field of effectively two-dimensional matter with a focus on contemporary research topics in the area of atomically-thin semiconductors. Discussed will be fundamental phenomena associated with interacting electronic quasiparticles in such structures, their coupling to external fields, as well as an overview of the experimental methods for their study. The structure of the course:

Chapter 1: Low dimensional matter

- Quantum mechanical particles,

- Confinement effect

- Concept of 2D matter

- Quantum well structures

Chapter 2: Van der Waals materials

- Coupled potential wells & van der Waals interaciton

- Graphene: structure and electronic properties

- Beyond graphene: 2D insulators, semiconductors & inorganic-organic hybrids

Chapter 3: Two-dimensional materials in experiment

- To find a monolayer: Optical techniques

- To prove a monoalyer: Structural techniques

- To find monolayers fast: Raman and second-harmonic spectroscopy

Chapter 4: Atomically-thin semiconductors

- Indirect to direct bandgap transition

- Coulomb interactions: free and bound charge carriers, excitons

- Heterostructures: indirect excitons & Moiré effects


Audience                           Specialization Bachelor (PV) and Master (Physics, OME) 

Requirements                   Fundamentals of Quantenmechanics

Course duration                2 hours / week + colloquium in the second half of the semester [Fr (4DS), 13:00, Room REC/B214]

Time & place                     Monday (3DS), 11:10 - 12:40 (begin on 08.04.2024)
                                          Recknagel-Bau, Room B214

Lecture format                  In person

Enrollment                       08.04.2024, Recknagel-Bau, Room B214
                                          or via OPAL System

Exam                                oral

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