Electron Microscopy, Holography and Spectroscopy

TU Dresden | Sommersemester 2024 Electron Microscopy, Holography and Spectroscopy

The aim of this course is to get familiar with material characterization using electron microscopy based methods, including high-resolution electron microscopy, electron holography, electron tomography and electron energy loss spectroscopy. The following topics will be covered: interaction of fast electrons with matter (elastic scattering on electric and magnetic fields, inelastic interaction including phonon, plasmon and exciton excitation, core-electron excitation), general design of an electron microscope (gun, lenses, aberration corrector, energy filter, detector), contrast mechanisms and wave optics, high-resolution imaging and atomic lattice analysis, electron diffraction and symmetry determination, electron holography and electric / magnetic field mapping, electron tomography and 3D characterization, electron energy loss spectroscopy at low and large energy losses for optoelectronic property analysis and chemical mapping. A hand-on course on modern transmission electron microscopes is optional.

Time and Location: TUE 11.10-12.40 (3. DS), REC/C213/H


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