SUUUpoRT - Technical Mechanics

Dnipro University of Technology | Semester overlapping SUUUpoRT - Technical Mechanics

SUUUpoRT - Technical Mechanics

Through: As. Prof. Onyshchenko Serhii,  Dnipro University of Technology, Ukraine

(Presentation in English)

Students are enabled to understand mechanical phenomena. The course goal is presentation of general methods of problem solving, used in analysis of industrial tasks, modelling processes and a search for optimal solutions in developing, implementing and operating the equipment.



Students become aware that of equilibrium equations of force systems, to determine force factors and construct diagrams; construct and solve equations of motion for material bodies; determine kinematic characteristics of solid bodies in motion; use general theorems and principles of dynamics for analysis, mechanical processes in machines and devices; carry out engineering calculations for strength and rigidity under tension-compression, torsion and bending; apply the acquired knowledge for diagnostics and modelling of typical designs of parts, mechanisms and machines.


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