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Summer School Computer and Geoscience in Archaeology 2024

HTW Dresden | Sommersemester 2024 Summer School Computer and Geoscience in Archaeology 2024

Welcome to the Opal learning environment and to the Summer School on Computer and Geoscience in archaeology. Here you will find all important information to participate in the event, including course content, links to the conference rooms and further resources, as well as assignments and tasks which need to be fulfilled for certification of your participation. If you enter the course the first time, you need to enrol using the 'Enrollment' - link on the left side. After this, further course content will become available in the side bar on the left.

Course Formats


In the "Live Lectures", the instructor presents the lecture content live. All participants should adhere to the 
scheduled times. In contrast, the "Video Lectures" are available as videos and can be watched at different
times and repeatedly.


The videos are offered in various resolutions and sizes so that everyone has access, even with a low data
rate. The live sessions are streamed using BigBlueButton. We have a room designated for all events:

All participants are muted and can virtually raise their hand to speak. Then, they can be unmuted with their
microphone activated.


Assignment (self-guided/supported)

The assignments represent the practical engagement with the lecture content. All participants should ideally
be able to solve the tasks independently. For certain periods, we also offer supported assignments, during
which instructors are available for technical questions.




First Week: 3rd-7th June

Second Week: 10th-14th June

All times are given in Dresden local time (Central European Summer Time) please check your corresponding time here: Timezone converter


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