578170 Medienretrieval

TU Chemnitz | Semester overlapping 578170 Multimedia Retrieval

578170 Multimedia Retrieval

Multimedia Retrieval deals with the task of searching multimedia data like video, images, audio, and text. The module provides a deep insight in methods and techniques of retrieval. The lecture introduces in:

  • Concepts and models of Information Retrieval
  • Audio Retrieval
  • Image Retrieval
  • Video Retrieval
  • Intellectual Annotation
  • Meta data
  • Evaluation of retrieval systems


The lecture is electible for ...

  • B_MP__5, B_MP__3, M_MK__3, M_MK__1, M_IV__1, M_In__1, M_IG__1, M_HC__1, M_DW__1, B_WI__5, B_InWW5, B_InPs5, B_InPh5, B_InOR5, B_InMB5, B_InMa5, B_InET5, B_InEn5, B_AIVS5, B_AIMI3, B_AIES5, B_AICG5


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