International Development and Resources

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International Development and Resources

The module is offerend in summer semesters. It is accessible for students of the two MBA programmes IBDEM (as P, and in the second semester) and IMRE (as WP, and best in the fourth semester), as well as students from other study programmes (Advanced Mineral Resources Development, MA (FWM); Advanced Mineral Resources Development, MA (FWM); Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, MA (WP)). All participants need to have a sound background in micro and macro economics including foreign trade theories and theories of economic development at the level of Bachelor in Business Administration.


Students will be able to understand the implications of management of firms in the environment of developing economies. Companies involved in a region that is characterised by lower levels of economic development face particular challenges in the management: they have to consider the implications that development strategies, both national and coordinated by international organisations and NGOs, have on their activities. Of particular relevance in developing economies is the role of natural resources that are often abundant and currently their most precious source of national welfare. Students acquire the understanding that natural resources can easily turn into a curse, if they are not included into a coherent national development policy. Those include most prominently export-oriented policies, state-aid policies and the development of national champions, the attraction of foreign direct investments, and incentive systems for outward investment.

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