37th UNEP/UNESCO/BMU International Postgraduate Course 2014

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TU Dresden | Semester overlapping 37th UNEP/UNESCO/BMU International Postgraduate Course 2014

37th UNEP/UNESCO/BMU International Postgraduate Course 2014

CIPSEM courses on environmental management are all conducted in English. The main course on integrated environmental management of 6 month duration covers a broad range of environmental relevant aspects. 

The course curricula concentrate on a broad and interdisciplinary conveyance of knowledge and acquisition of skills:

  • Firstly, theoretical training teaches about environmental problems and solutions.
  • This is complemented by, secondly, a multitude of excursions presenting impressions of successfully implemented environmental management practices. Thus, they lead to protected areas (e.g. National Parks), industrial plants equipped with pollution mitigating facilities, public utilities, environmental agencies, administrations, etc..
  • The third important aspect of the courses is the chance for exchange among fellow participants coming from the different regions of the world.

The courses are designed to prepare the participants for their tasks of planning, co-ordination and management of environmental resources within ministries, agencies or local government units enabling them to actively support the environmentally sound and sustainable development of their countries. Having completed a course participants are expected to multiply that what they have learnt and acquired in Dresden, being a person in the home society who mobilises towards environmental management in social, cultural and economic questions of development.

Participants successfully completing the 6-month course are awarded a Diploma of Environmental Management.


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