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Advanced Practice of Teaching English - Individualized Teaching

TU Dresden | Semester overlapping

APTE - Individualized Teaching

This course (Individualized Teaching) deals with ways and techniques to include differentiated and individualized teaching in the classroom taking into consideration different school forms. The focus will, among others, be on learning vs. teaching, individual vs. cooperative learning as well as the establishment of open learning arrangements and learner autonomy in the English language classroom. Also, classroom and time management, assessment and self-assessment will be dealt with.

Module / Exams

Studienordnung 2021-22:
This course Individualized Teaching represents one of the two elective courses offered in the context of the module APTE. (The other elective is APTE-Virtual Teaching.)
The Prüfungsleistung APTE-Portfolio integrates tasks related to Individualized Teaching (or APTE-Virtual Teaching) as well as to APTE-Units, APTE-SPB and APTE-Classroom English.


Studienordnung 2012-13:
This course Individualized Teaching represents a tutorial supplementing the courses RPTE-Survey and RPTE-Lessons.
The Prüfungsleistung RPTE-Portfolio integrates tasks related to RPTE-Individualized Teaching, RPTE-Lessons and RPTE-SPÜ.



  • Rommerskirchen, Barbara (2019). Englisch kompetent unterrichten - Ein Leitfaden für die Praxis. Innsbruck.Esslingenb.Barn-Belp: Helbling.
  • Further materials and resources will be introduced during the course.
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