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IMRE Programme


The Concept

The international MBA IMRE Study Programme is offering an interdisciplinary approach combining business administration and management capabilities, economics and law beyond their technical / natural science background of natural resources management & the environment!  Students with professional experience and a background in engineering and natural sciences are provided a sound education to Business Administration allowing them to work as managers, financial experts, bankers, scientists, etc., especially in the areas of resource, energy and environment, key topics of the 21st century. Additionally, IMRE offers international and intercultural orientation, including in particular students from emerging and developing countries in order to deal with the topics against the background of first-hand information.

Special fields of activities might be

  • general management tasks in nationally and internationally acting company groups involved in resource management
  • managing of ecologically sustainable technological projects in the framework of reconnaissance and exploration of resources
  • developing and realizing complex projects in the field of environmental protection
  • expert tasks in banks, assurance companies and financing institutions
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