Innovative Semiconductor Devices [finished]

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TU Dresden | Wintersemester 2021 / 2022

Innovative Semiconductor Devices [finished]

Implementation of the course ISD in WS 2021/22:

The course can be conducted in presence and virtual. Participation in the course requires enrollment in OPAL. For attending in presence, the 3G rule must be followed. To do so, please register for each lecture by clicking the link for the respective lecture in OPAL, which confirms that you are vaccinated, tested or recovered.

If you are unable to attend the lecture in person, you can follow it virtually via Zoom. An appropriate Zoom link will be posted on OPAL before the lecture. The slides for the lectures and tutorials will be made available one day before the lecture and will be available for download in OPAL until the end of the semester.

Due to the current situation regarding the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, changes in the schedule will be announced in the lecture and in OPAL.

Lecture outline and content
1. Overview of device history and innovations
2. Review of important fundamentals
3. Device scaling
4. Silicon Power Devices
5. Compound semiconductor devices
6. Advanced bipolar devices
7. Future Options (1D and 2D electronics, beyond CMOS devices)

Deepens and completes the lecture.

Lab course
TCAD finite element method (FEM) simulation and optimization of FinFETs

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