IS Backsourcing Survey

Dear participant,
thank you very much for following our request for support in our academic research project on information systems (IS) backsourcing. In this survey, we are trying to discover the key drivers for the decision to bring outsourced IS services back in house or to leave them with an IS outsourcing service provider.
Some general notes on completing this survey:
  • Expected duration to complete the survey: 10-15 minutes
  • There is a possibility to stop and resume the survey
  • The survey is fully anonymous and results will only be used for the purpose of this research project
If you are interested in additional information on our research, please refer to our website:
For any questions or comments, please reach out to
Many thanks for your support of our research,
Benedikt von Bary                  Prof. Dr. Susanne Strahringer              Prof. Dr. Markus Westner
   (TU Dresden)                                 (TU Dresden)                              (OTH Regensburg)



Note: No personal data is collected within this survey, and no conclusions about individual persons can be drawn from the collected data. Therefore, it is not possible to retrieve or delete any data retrospectively.