24.01.2024 - 25.01.2024

SLUB Open Science Lab

Poster 1 of Symposium AI 2024In today’s swiftly changing world, AI is reshaping the landscape of learning and teaching, leading the way towards a new era of education. The symposium “Life@Lab – Horizons of AI Research in Higher Education” aims to provide a nexus of cutting-edge insights and forward-thinking discussions. The contributions will showcase research outcomes from diverse initiatives, offering a comprehensive perspective on advancements in this transformative field. Topics covered include pedagogical challenges, legal issues, applications of AI generators in higher education, ethical considerations, and strategic approaches for higher education institutions navigating the realm of AI. By convening global experts from academia and public sectors, this symposium illuminates the challenges and opportunities inherent in the fusion of AI, education, and societal advancement. Our program targets advanced and expert level professionals in AI & higher education from Saxony. Keynotes are accessible online to persons involved in digital teaching in higher education and further interested parties.

The symposium is part of the nationwide project Konzertierte Weiterbildungen zu künstlicher Intelligenz in der Hochschullehre of the Netzwerk Landeseinrichtungen für die digitale Hochschullehre (NeL) and funded by Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre (STIL).
It is held in English to enable participation for our international research and project partners in the physical event and, particularly, during the streamed keynote presentations.
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